El Matador State Beach: Best Beach Near Los Angeles

  We’ve explored many of the beaches in and around Los Angeles but we happened to have the best time at El Matador State Beach.  It’s the perfect getaway from the Continue Reading →

How I Bought 6 Flights For Less Than $300

  Yes, you read that correctly.  I bought 6 flights all for the price of $293.40.  That was a total of 3 round trips at an extremely low price!   Continue Reading →

A Freezing Day At The Grand Canyon

  One of the most colorful and natural landscapes my husband and I  have seen is the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  The name itself describes just how enormous this place is Continue Reading →

5 Obstacles That Stop Us From Traveling

Though my husband and I love traveling, there are times we haven’t done it as much as we’ve wanted to nor gone to specific destinations we’ve dreamed of.  Why?  We had Continue Reading →

A Dream to Travel Under Construction

  source A Dream to Travel   Dream, a word that describes many of us.  A word that requires having a vision and imagination.  Something we strongly desire and a Continue Reading →

Random Facts About Us

  We want to be personal with our blog readers and form friendships with the people who follow our journey.  Because of that, we will let you in on a Continue Reading →