Lost in the Flowers of Descanso Gardens

Okay so I’m not a person to even try to grow one flower in a pot because God knows it wouldn’t grow.  Nor have I ever been able to keep plants that are given to me from dying.  I swear I water them and enjoy seeing them, but these little hands of mine will just destroy them somehow.

So what do I do instead?  I like to see and enjoy flowers grown by others that involves no responsibility on my part to take care of them!  Those flower are always much prettier.  See for yourself….






This past weekend my mom came to spend some time with me in California and I wanted to take her to places she would love.  She so happens to LOVE flowers, especially roses.  L.A area has a few gardens to visit, but this time we chose Descanso Gardens.

As soon as we entered we pulled out our phones and started snapping pictures.  We started towards our right side where the garden is filled with roses.  This was heaven for mom!  The plants, flowers, trees, and herbs all had names, but this girl does not remember even one name!





Might be the fact I wasn’t there to learn the plant’s names. I was only there to see them and enjoy their view.  The only plants I recognized were in the vegetable garden but only because the lettuce looked like lettuce and the radishes like radishes.  Pretty easy one there.  Oh, and the roses, but even they have different names!

What’s so beautiful about Descanso Gardens is the way it’s designed.  There are many beautiful arches with flowers, benches perfectly placed, and logs in just the right spots.  There are bridges and shaded areas that provide for a place to stop and rest.  There are small structures designed like homes as you walk through the garden, but sadly all of them were closed for who knows what reason.  We didn’t get to enjoy those, only see them.  Maybe next time we go. 🙂












Mom and I had no idea we would be walking so much.  I was expecting a small garden of flowers, but Descanso Gardens has long trails you can get lost in.  Not really lost, but you know, almost lost.  Especially if you don’t understand maps or don’t care to follow them.    But we didn’t care.  We just started walking the paths and going through the more hidden ones.  Had we known we’d be walking a lot, we had worn more comfortable shoes.

What was nice about this small adventure was that there was perfect weather and the small breeze made our sweat dry out quickly.  It was a mix of heat with a nice cool breeze.  There was enough shade to protect us from the sun, since neither of us put on sunscreen.  It was also nice that it wasn’t over crowded like most attractions in Southern California are.








We could tell some people were locals because they use the garden to exercise.  I’m thinking they have the yearly pass for this.  The garden also had many artists sitting at various places as they drew the views in front of them.   I wish I had the talent and patience to sit and draw, but I think my non-skilled photography suffices as a memory for me.  During our visit, the garden was being used as a place to photograph models for a vintage clothing line.  My mom and I passed near them to get a close up look at what was going on.  Talk about glamorous and knowing how to pose for pictures!  These girls were beautiful and one looked like Katy Perry, looks and all.  I was too embarrassed to try to take pictures of them, so I have none to share with you.


One of my favorite areas in the park was near the Japanese garden.  For me it was just beautiful but I wish it had a larger area to enjoy.  But they can’t please everyone with what they want more of right?!  I know mom was definitely pleased with her favorite area, with her love of roses.  She snapped tons of pictures and posed with many of them.  I’m sure she wanted to rip them out and take them all home with her!


Mom in one of the many pictures she posed for.






And what makes an adventure even better?  When something funny happens.  As we were towards the back of the garden, in an area more like a desert, we sat down to rest.  There they had a snake’s skin in a display and we were just talking about snakes almost coming out with warmer weather, when guess what happened?  A snake came out in front of us!  Just kidding!   It was a lizard!  But the way the lizard came out, we could only see its long head coiled up like a snake.  We had no view of its tail or little hands.  Mom was about to step on it, and we both walked back as soon as she made an “aahhh” sound.  Then there’s crazy me.  I immediately grabbed my phone to take pictures of it when I noticed it pulled out its little arms realizing it was a lizard.  We started laughing because mom had freaked out.


We then proceeded to continue on the same path but the lizard would not move out-of-the-way!  I don’t know much about lizards, but I had a feeling this one was staring at us with the intentions of jumping on us.  I quickly ran past it and stared back at my mom laughing as she tried to do the same.  Yes! Only we are scared of non-harmful lizards…. But the lizard isn’t the only animal that freaked me out that day.  I was more scared of the bees flying in the trees and around flowers.  They are my biggest fear and one of the reasons you won’t see me tending to a garden any time soon!  The animals I did enjoy were the hummingbirds, squirrels, and ducks.  Those don’t scare me 🙂








Overall, Descanso Gardens was a beautiful place to visit.  My thoughts about garden were that they weren’t interesting and all they have is boring flowers.  But this places was more than that.  It has trails, designs, nice shady spots, interesting things to see, and a nice view of the mountains surrounding it.  It has a café and a gift shop with plants and other nice things.  It’s a perfect place to visit if you enjoy nature and an easy hike.  It is also a place for weddings and for photography.  Descanso Gardens did not fail to impress me.  It’s beautiful and interesting.

Have you ever visited a garden?  What was your experience?


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