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A Married Couple With A Huge Dream



Hey there!  We’re glad you stopped by.  We are Edith and Juan, a married couple from California with huge desires to see the many beauties this world has to offer.  We’ve done a lot of small and nearby destination trips in the Southwestern U.S throughout the time we lived in Arizona.  Now, we are ready to dream bigger and explore past state boundaries and beyond oceans.


Our vision is to work our jobs for the next couple of years (maybe less) as we align our finances to provide for a year of non-stop travel. It’s a huge dream, we know!  But it’s exciting to imagine ourselves discovering new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.


To help make our dream come true, we decided to have a vision towards our travel plans.  We started this blog because we no longer want to put limits to our dream travel destinations.  We decided to turn a “We Can’t Go” to a “We Will Go” by making plans to overcome the financial and time obstacles that most of us have when it comes to traveling.


For now, our blog will mostly show our adventures throughout California, Arizona, and places nearby.  We will also start adding other U.S destinations, and then cross country trips when our jobs allow the days off.   Our ultimate goal is to travel to other countries as this year progresses.  So far, we have a popular beach destination to Mexico lined up in June and we have plans to visit Israel (hopefully) by the end of this year.


We invite you to follow along on this journey as we discover new places and share our experiences with you.  We will be sharing experiences, pictures, food, tips, and you will get a glimpse of our marriage while traveling.   Make sure to follow our Instagram account so your eyes could see the marvelous creations of this world that we encounter.


If you love traveling, want to travel solo or with your significant other, and have a huge dream to travel, this blog is for you.



Mountain of Joy

You might be wondering why we chose this name for our blog.  Here are the two different reasons:

1. One of our favorite things to do when traveling is visiting hills and mountains that give a full city view.  This brings us joy because we are able to marvel over  beautiful cities and landscapes that never fail to amaze us.   Therefore it becomes a mountain of joy for us.

2. I came a cross Hebrews 12:18-24 in the Bible which inspired the name.  It mentions we have not come to a mountain of fear but to a mountain of joy, Mount Zion, the city of the living God.  This spoke to us about God being our ‘mountain of joy’ in life, and we believe He will allow us to experience more joy in every destination we travel.



Join our Mountain of Joy

We hope you enjoy the many different journeys whether big or small that we take as we make our dreams come true.  We hope these destinations inspire you to pack your bags and get on the road to new places.

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