A Stroll Through Chinatown

L.A is known to have many interesting neighborhoods throughout the city but downtown L.A has quite a few that can be a fun visit.  From Olvera Street to Fashion District, Broadway, to Little Tokyo, each offers a uniqueness that one can enjoy, eat, and shop at.  This time, we met up with family members from Bakersfield who were in L.A and wanted to see Chinatown.  This was our first time here and we enjoyed our short stroll through the central and commercial area.



As we first arrived, we parked in front of K & A Co.  It is a small parking lot that only charged us $5 and is a very short walking distance, very convenient.   Inside K & A Co., we found Chinese kimonos, handmade jewelry, toys, and Chinese memoirs.  There were a variety of small items that caught our attention, such as small hand-held back massagers and handmade jewelry, but we somehow walked out without any keepsake. Most of the other stores we walked into, also carried similar items such as Chinese hand-held fans, jewelry, and colorful umbrellas.  One store we walked into was a guitar store.  Prices ranged anywhere from $90-$350, similar to other stores.














What we found beautiful were the lanterns hanging above in a bright orange color which I believe is changed throughout the year.  There were also a few water fountains.   The one below held small signs with one word written on them, such as health and peace.  The architecture of the buildings is beautiful, which is what distinguishes Chinatown from regular buildings in the rest of downtown L.A.
















Chinatown is also kid friendly in that it has many toys for kids to purchase.  One item we saw was purchased a lot was a carton cylinder filled with confetti paper that is explodes out when the string is pulled, like a firecracker.  The sound it makes is VERY loud and it scared me a few times but the kids really enjoy it.  As you see in the picture below, the sides are filled with the confetti paper that flows around with the wind.  There are also small rides, like those outside grocery stores that are placed at one corner.  You put in the quarters and the kids get to ride for a short amount of time.




One statue we were attracted to was that of Jet Li, famous for his movies.  We took a few pictures here before leaving.  And though it was a short stroll, we enjoyed the variety of items inside the stores and especially the architecture that was great for pictures and unique to other places we have seen throughout L.A.










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